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TM.I.C. has been designing oil injected compressors for air applications since the 1970s, and thanks to its worldwide customer base, it is today the Italian leader in screw compressor technology.

The SCA compressor line (Screw Air End) has been studied to be used in many different applications as it is suitable for all types of driving motors  and drive options (belt, direct and integrated gear box).

The SCA series is composed of a casing holding a rotor pair made of a main rotor, named driver or male, and a secondary rotor, named driven or female.  Rotors are the very heart of screw compressors.  As a consequence, our multistage automatic production line operates with latest CNC machines and is able to ensure the closest tolerances as well as the greatest reliability.

A final grinding process coupled with a computer-operated multistep rotor control guarantees 100 % accuracy of each rotor profile. The profile is asymmetric, with 5 lobes on the male rotor and 6 lobes on the female rotor.

The SCA compressor line is provided with a very effective oil seal composed of two PTFE seal lips, a dust lip and an external dust cover with a metallic cage. The seal system is able to assure a very long service life.


The SCI series is a fully-integrated compressor line already equipped with the most common components such as oil tank, oil filters, oil separator cartridge, inlet valve, inlet oil filter, minimum pressure valve and thermostatic valve.


SCA series performance range:

  • Capacity: 0.2 – 95 m3/min
  • Power:  2.2 – 950 kW
  • Pressure: 3 – 15 barg*

*higher pressure upon request


SCI series performance range


  • Capacity: 0.2 – 5.5 m3/min
  • Power: 2.2 – 45 kW
  • Pressure: 3 – 13 barg*

*higher pressure upon request


The main advantages of TM.I.C.'s screw air compressors are:


  • High quality manufacturing  - 100% “made in Italy”
  • Total quality assurance  - bench test for every sizes before shipment
  • Noise and vibration reduction – innovative profile
  • Long working life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide range of gear ratios available for each range