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TM.I.C.’s has gained a lot of experience in gas compression over the last few years.

Infact, its rotary screw gas ends series (NG and SCG) are able to manage many different types of gases, namely natural gas, methane, biogas as well as many others such as hydrogen and vinyl chloride that are listed amongst the most “problematic” ones.


TM.I.C. gas end was developed from the existing SCA series, known for its reliability for air applications, undergoing customization to become suitable for gas applications.  For example, the NG compressor series has been equipped with a mechanical shaft seal that minimizes the risk of any possible dangerous leakage into the atmosphere.

Upon specific request, the NG compressor series is also available with magnetic joint, which is requested  for ATEX classified areas (up to zone 1) and by API-619 standard.


The high level of flexibility of TMIC’s enables it to tailor its products to every and any customer need for customized features.  


NG compressor series performance range:

  • Capacity: 0.2 – 95 m3/min
  • Power:  2.2 – 950 kW
  • Inelt Pressure: - 1 barg
  • Discharge pressure: 20 barg